Get paid in Bitcoin for using Twitter!

Twitter client which shares revenue with users and has integrated lightning network for tipping with no KYC ⚡️

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Just with Bitcoin!

Collect rewards

You automatically get some sats (units of bitcoin) for using it. Just check what's new on Twitter like you normally do and earn bitcoin for doing so!

Sat a Tweet

Show some love by tipping tweet with couple of sats. It can be sats you deposited or earned for free while using Tweetoshi. No KYC is needed!

Support creators

It's like Patreon but with no fees & thanks to Bitcoin and its second layer – Lightning network – it is lightingly fast!

You control the money

You can deposit and withdraw Bitcoin from and to your wallet of choice whenever you like. Super fast!


Check out what is already done and what we are working on 😎

Idea of Tweetoshi
Entry of angel investor Alexander Pilař
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Q1 2022
Releasing app
On App Store & Play Store
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Q2+Q3 2022
Notifications integration
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Who we are

We are a team from the Czech Republic 🇨🇿 – European heart of Bitcoin. We are huge Bitcoin fans who want to help its adoption among people and democratise business models of social media.

Tweetoshi team

Matěj Švancer


Dominik Šimoník


Martin Carska


Václav Čevela


Michal Marko


Alexander Pilař


Marek Palatinus



We are actively looking for experienced {Flutter developers}. Are you not that? Don't worry, show us what you do and how you can help us and let’s talk. Come to work with us on the Bitcoin revolution.

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