Tweetoshi won the Pacific Bitcoin Pitch Competition

Los Angeles hosted the first year of the Pacific Bitcoin Conference, featuring the biggest names in the Bitcoin world.

The Tweetoshi team was there - it was great fun and we made lots of new bitcoin friends. The conference also held a Pitch Competition – 6 promising bitcoin startups were nominated to pitch their ideas to top investors in the industry. And Tweetoshi was one of these companies.

We're happy to announce that we actually won the entire contest! Investors loved the idea and the live presentation of our app. This whole event - including the first conversations with Bitcoin fans outside of Czechia and Slovakia - was a truly amazing experience for us, proving that our app is ready for the global expansion we are planning for the first half of 2023.

We would like to thank Swan Bitcoin for hosting this conference – we came back from LA more motivated than ever and look forward to having more face-to-face interactions with our international fans!