Slush joined Tweetoshi!

Tweetoshi successfully closed a funding round, launched a Rewards program and Marek "Slush" Palatinus joined the team

Alex Pilar (Pallaemon Digital) joined the project as an angel investor right at the beginning and also participated in another successful investment round earlier this year which was closed without the involvement of VC funds.

"Great team, full of energy. I was intrigued by the idea of treating social media users like content creators. It's only fair that some of the value created on the networks should go to them. Bitcoin and Lightning are the obvious choices to do this. The fact that Marek, an icon not only of the Czech Bitcoin scene, joined the team is a huge motivation but also a responsibility :)."
Alex Pilař

Marek "Slush" Palatinus, the most prominent personality of the Czech bitcoin scene by being the CEO of Satoshi Labs (founder of the Trezor hardware wallet), is also helping the authors of the project in the position of a mentor.

"I've been following the second layer of Bitcoin - Lightning Netowork for a long time and the Tweetoshi app is one of the projects that makes sense here and could accelerate the adoption of this technology beyond ordinary Bitcoin users."
Marek Palatinus

Tweetoshi is a crypto startup that rewards users with bitcoin for using Twitter and allows sending bitcoin between users.

The app works like a Twitter client — everything that is on Twitter can be seen in Tweetoshi. It works on Android & iOS and is currently available for download. Now, anyone who uses Twitter can get started and receive bitcoin "for the activity they do every day anyway". Also, the rewards can increase in value in the future with Bitcoin price going up. All of this is possible only thanks to the super fast and cheap second layer of bitcoin — the Lightning Network.

Among social networks, Tweetoshi has a unique business model which is made possible by sharing revenue with end users. Users can then send the bitcoin to their favourite Twitter creators or withdraw it from the app at any time to any LN-enabled bitcoin wallet.

With Tweetoshi, users can experience how it works and what it's like to have bitcoin without having to invest in it (use-to-earn principle).

‍“Alex and I have been working together since the beginning and I had dreamed up two more names: "Czech Bitcoin founder" (with a hyperbole) Mark Palatinus and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. It worked out with Slush and I'm very excited. We want to show the world that social networks can be done differently and get Bitcoin into the hands of as many people as possible in a simple way.”
Matěj Švancer - CEO Tweetoshi